2020 Entry Form

Here is the 2020 Nascar Pool Entry Form. If for some reason the attachment doesn’t open then just email me and I will send another copy.

Please note the new changes this year. In previous years I allowed everyone to send in their entry forms up to the start of the Daytona 500. This year I am asking that all the entry forms be submitted whether in person or email by SATURDAY FEBRUARY 15, 2020. In previous years I was printing off entry forms from email all day Sunday and I wasn’t able to sit down and actually watch the race. So if you can be so kind and submit your entry forms by February 15.

 Also another change for this year. The last 3 years that I have been running the nascar pool I have paid for the website out of my own pocket. I didn’t mind because I got a cheaper introductory rate but now that I have renewed it, it is at full price. So this year I will be deducting the price of the website and domain name (website address) from the prize money. I have paid the full price for 3 years up front but I will divide the price of the website and the domain name into 3 separate years and just deduct the amount for 1 year from the prize money for the next 3 years. I hope everyone will be ok with that. I will deduct the price of the website but I won’t deduct any of the other expenses that I will have like paper and ink for the printer for printing off all the entry forms from emails, stamps for mailing checks etc. I don’t mind paying for those things because they are just more convenient for the way I do things.

If anyone is going to drop off entry forms then please call or text before you come to make sure that I will be home. I don’t want you to come over and me not to be home. I work day shift now so you can come over anytime between 3-8pm during the week and 9am-8pm Saturdays and Sundays.

I hope that everyone will be joining the pool again this year. If there is anyone that you know that wants to join just give them my email address or send them to the website.

Thanks Everyone and Good Luck this year.