2020 Entry Form

Hi Everyone,

The first thing I want to say is I hope that Ryan Newman is going to be ok. I know his injuries are non life threatening so that is good. For those of you that picked Ryan Newman just remember that the points stay with the car and not the driver. So no matter who is driving the car, you will still get points.

For those people that are new to the pool this year, it usually takes me a week or so to enter in everyone’s entries into the computer. When I have finished doing that I will post Daytona’s results on the website and I will also be emailing everyone that has provided their email address to me. After the entering of everything is done then I will be posting the results every week a couple of hours after the race. I know everyone is dying to see where they placed in Daytona but please be patient. I am the only one that deals with all the emails, entries and phone calls. I also work full time so I have a limited amount of time to due all of this. This year is a little more hectic than usual because I am also packing to move. So be patient and I will try and have it done as soon as possible.

I also want to welcome all the new people to the pool this year. I hope you will enjoy it.

Thanks Crystal