2019 Accumulated Point Standings

Congratulations to all the winners in the pool this year. In the next couple of days I will be making up the chart of all the winners. If you have landed on a yellow spot or are tied in points with a person that landed on a yellow spot then contact me to let me know how you want your money sent out. I will send the money by e-transfer, cheque, paypal or if you want to stop and pick up the money I will give you cash. If you are going to stop over to get your cash then call or text me at 905-375-7181 to make sure that I will be home and have the money on hand. I work day shift now so I will be home at night and not during the day. I will start sending the money out sometime around the weekend after I get everything organized. Thanks again everyone for entering the pool this year. Start watching the website around the first of February to see when the new entry form will come out for next year. When I have the form made up I will email everyone that is on my email list.