Kraft Nascar Pool FAQ

Kraft NASCAR Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated January 15, 2020

Why use owner points?
In the event your original driver selection gets injured, sick, substituted or fired, you will automatically continue to accumulate points no matter who is driving the car.

Points are awarded to the car, regardless of who is driving the car

What is the difference between driver & owner points?
Identical points are given to the driver and car owner on completion of each race.

The difference is how the points are used.

Driver points accumulate to determine the driver championship. This is what most people are talking about when they think of NASCAR points.

2019 owner points:  Besides the owner’s championship, owner points are also used to set the starting line-up for the non-charter teams (open teams) in case qualifying and practice has to be cancelled.


Why do you limit pool entries?
Since 2017 I have not limited the number of entries. Depending on how many entries are received each year I may have to limit the number of entries in the future.
What are group standings?
The pool offers the option to break down the overall pool standings into smaller groups. It makes it easier and more fun to keep track of a large number of family, friends or co-workers. There is a minimum of 10 members per group. I will add groups on a first come first serve basis.

Why is the cost of the website being deducted from the prize money?

The first 3 years I paid for the website and the domain name out of my own pocket and never deducted the amount from the prize money. It is expensive to have a website and the domain name (the website address) so I have decided that I will deduct that amount from the prize money but I won’t deduct any other expenses. I pay for the website for 3 years at a time but I will add the amount up and divide it by 3 and only deduct the amount for 1 year at a time.